Friend & Neighbor Day

The Church of Christ in Randolph always has an “open door” policy. We welcome guests, neighbors, and anyone from the community to come and worship God with us.Friend & Neighbor Day is a special day that we have targeted to go the “extra mile” in telling the community how much we love people. On this day set up a tent or two outside in our parking lot, and have a light breakfast with the opportunity to get know our friends & neighbors from the community. We then enter into the auditorium of the church building to have our worship celebration. After service concludes, we move over to Hedden Park to have a marvelous cookout. It is a spacious park with baseball fields, streams, extensive walkways, playground for kids, and a spacious area to eat. This whole experience called “Friend & Neighbor Day” is just another way to say, “We love you.”

Special Seminars

The church believes in orchestrating challenging, relevant, and exciting seminars for the community. The church has had the awesome opportunity to have John Clayton, author of “Does God Exist?” explain through scientific data the proofs of God’s existence. We have had Dan Cooper, author of “Friendship Evangelism” explain to church members the importance of personal faith sharing to friends, co-workers, and family about Jesus Christ. In April of 2006 we are going to feature Steve Diggs, author of “No Debt, No Sweat.” He will demonstrate biblically how to responsibly manage our finances, how to avoid or get out of debt, and how to increase our blessings through God’s ways.

Children’s Ministry

During our morning worship service on Sundays, children ages 4 through the 6th grade have a unique opportunity to learn about God and the Bible in ways that speak to their level of understanding. The children learn how to pray and sing Bible songs, and identify themselves and children of God.